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Have you begun learning a new language? Have you discovered that it is sometimes hard to make the vocabulary "stick" - to make the words come to you as you need them?

This website gives you the opportunity to rehearse the words you know by quizzing you on them over and over again. The order in which words are shown too you, is partially random, but it is to some extent also controlled by your average response time to each word (the time that passes from the moment the word is shown to you and until by clicking you acknowledge having recognised the word).

This humble page is no alternative to structured learning through class participation or similar, but it may well prove a good addition. Then in class, you can focus on grammar, pronunciation and developing general conversation skills. Spending 5-10 minutes a couple of days each week with this application may prove a good investment of your time.

Currently supported languages are Danish, English, French, German and (modern) Greek.